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International Interpretation and Translation Services (security, justice and Home Affairs)

InCompass International is the only specialised Consultancy in Europe that offers complete Interpretation and document Translation services uniquely in the field of Security Sector Reform (SSR) / Justice and Home Affairs (JHA).

Service: InCompass International not only has an extensive database of internationally positioned senior Law-Enforcement Consultants, Judges, Magistrates, Prosecutors, Customs,Immigration and SSR specialists, but we have also established a complimentary operational ability to procure and contract Interpreters and Translators from four continents, all of whom are pre-trained in the use of terminology associated to the SSR, JHA, defence and related ICT fields, including legal texts and proposed and adopted pieces of legislation. Where there is a gap, InCompass International provides additional training, including comprehensive lists of sector-specific terminology, abbreviations and protocols, prior to missions or technical requests.

Availability: Our pool of SSR and JHA Interpreters and Translators work from either their home-base, or are readily available on an ad-hoc basis to assist in Security and Justice missions and project work of our clients, trainings, seminars, conferences and workshops.

Ministries of Foreign Affairs
Ministries of Justice incl. prison services
Ministries of Interior: police forces; border-control services and; security services
Ministries of Defence
International Donor Community
Council of the European Union
Parliament of the European Union
European Union Agencies
European Union Justice and Police Missions
International consultancies
Security Firms
Energy sector
Telecomms sector

Key Languages covered:
English,Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, most EU 28 languages,Turkish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and +/- 22 other languages

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