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Security Risk Services

Political / Geopolitical Risks (country& situation-specific)

A key component of business success is tobe able to exploit the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that are thrown upin the often complex, uncertain and dynamic operational environments of thecountries in which you operate.

InCompassInternational provides you with the resources to understand and manage allkinds of political and geopolitical risks:

• Investigating

We provide focused, client-specific analyses to assess the politicalrisks associated with a business venture and recommend ways of avoiding ormitigating those risks.

• Advising
We can delivertailored advisory services to enable clients to manage the risks presented bythe political, social, operational and security environments in the markets inwhich you operate.

• Monitoring

We can help you monitor the politicalenvironment and predict and track the emerging risks security so you canprotect investments and adapt profitably to changes.

Integrity Risks

The importance ofbusiness integrity to commercial success cannot be underestimated and ifun-checked, subsequent damage can often lead to significant fines, businessfailure and wasted time spent on additional legal and public relationsresources.

Integrity can bedamaged through a wide range of activities, including corruption and fraud, committedeither by employees, competitors or involvement by public officials. It is therefore important to take suitableprecautionary and reactive measures to identify, evaluate and mitigate againstintegrity risks, especially in a world of tightening regulation, unpredictableeconomic events, volatile markets and unstable governments.

InCompass Internationalhas the expertise and experience to prevent integrity damage by providing discreteand effective due-diligence checks, pre-emptive training and customisedcontrols. Our services cover:

• Investigations anddue-diligence
We provide focusedinformation on the integrity of potential business associates, quality offinancial information, state of the controls environment, third parties andsupply chain risks, so that a business can decide whether or not to pursue adeal, invest in a joint venture or enter a new market.

• Anti-corruption / economic crimes and checks
We can delivercomprehensive information and flexible solutions on anti-money laundering (AML)and the avoidance and recovery from corruption.

Security Risk Assessments, Solutions and Trainings

It is important for businesses to protect themselves from security risks,and to optimise preparedness and devise efficient crisis-recovery strategies.
InCompassInternational has devised focused client-centred resources to help you minimisediverse types of security risk and to promote recovery from them.

• Security risk consulting
 We provide analyses,advice and solutions to help your new business ventures be protected from riskslike theft, corporate espionage, workplace violence and terrorism.

• Cyber / ICT security services
We can deliverup-to-date information on the range and impact of cyber threats, protectionagainst them and recovery from them.

• Safer overseas business and diplomatic travel(SOBDT)
Executives anddiplomats can face a wide variety of threats and risks when they travel or workoverseas in risk environments. We providetraining that is specifically tailored to the industry, company, locations andto the client’s profile.

• Maritime security and legal services

Private-Sector Services 

Providing essential companies, including medical, energy, water, telecomms, oil, gas, construction, engineering, postal, banking and insurance services, with the political, physical, administrative and operational presence for securing early and successful market entry into countries emerging from crisis, who seek foreign investment. 

Primary Risk Assessments and due diligence leading to company insertion in-country through: 

• Facilitation of local government and industry contacts

• Sourcing of licenses, office premises and qualified local staff

• Building secure office environment including communicationsand secure ICT infrastructure

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