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"Satin Women"
Press release

Written and directed by Vana Pefani and premiering on Friday, 30 October 2015 at the UNDERGROUND Theatre , Korai Square 4, 10 564Athens(Metro Panepistimio). Entrance is via the cinema theatre. Performances are in Greek,but easy to follow for non-Greek speakers.

The performance will be attended by ministries and Agencies involved in migration, screening and counter-trafficking issues, as well as by international organisations,NGOs, human rights lawyers, embassy staff, artists, producers and directors with a professional or moral interest in the issues surrounding trafficking.

For Sponsorship opportunities , please contact Yorgos Katsonis, at ; Tel.:6974651213, or

Following-on from the plays «Our own elephant» (2011),dealing with loss and cancer, «A certain paradise» (2012),devoted to the activist Jean Genet, «Jerusalem» (2013),a play about mental health,as well as the European Program «Heaven on Earth» (2014),concerning the promotion of diversity, Vana Pefani completes her theatrical landscape, focussing on issues of social sensitivity with her play entitled «Satin Women» which she wrote and directs based on research and testimonies surrounding the phenomenon of abuse,exploitation and trafficking of women and which will be performed in an unexpected venue in the centre of Athens.

In August 2014she began her research and record on the issue of trafficking which led to the writing of Satin Women . In silk, as a raw material, she perceives the sensitive and precious character of female nature, whereas she borrows the title from a quote by Malvina Karali.

The play focusses around 23year old Aurore from Nigeria, a victim of trafficking,living in the basement of a building in the centre of Athens and who eventually, in desperation, jumps off the building's roof top. Her sudden and horrific death provides the opportunity to observe the way the residents of the building negotiate life,alienation ,xenophobia,racism and indifference in an ailing city influencing the attitude of human beings towards other human beings. Victims of trafficking are also called«invisible women», since they are constantly being hidden and treated as merchandise by their exploiters; this is why after her death,young Aurore haunts the building, waiting for someone to finally see her, recognise her, in order to calmly depart with the certainty that she has once really existed. The shadow of death, horror and injustice is ruthlessly cast upon the heroin's shoulders.

Through the play, the writer and director sees in Aurore’s death an opportunity to shed light on the behavior and social environment in cases of deprivation of freedom, revealing an entire cover-up and silence mechanism.

An abandoned commercial gallery in the heart of the city,through which we passe very single day while crossing the centre,yet disregarding its existence,becomes the natural scene of a theatrical play which deals, through the same dynamic,with a phenomenon from which we attempt to look away, with guilt.

Performances are in Greek and start on Friday, 30 October 2015andwillcontinue on Fridays and Sundays at21:00and on Saturdays at24:00.Spectators will gather in Korai Square in order to enter the UNDERGROUND venue(entrance is from the ASTY cinema theatre), where « Satin Women » is performed.

Creative Team:

Text–Direction: Vana Pefani

Set Design– Costumes: Yorgos Lyntzeris

Music: Orestis

Movement Direction: Eleftheria Komi

Lighting Designer: Stella Kaltsou

Assistant Directors: Nantia Deligianni,Myrsini Giannakopoulou

Photography: Nikitas Karagiannis

Printed Material Design :Giannis Kardasis

Cast: Vassilis Afentoulis,Simoni Giannatou,Maria Kavoukidou,AggelikiKarystinou, Sofia Manolakou, Aurora Marion, Nikolina Mouemi,IakovosMylonas

Supported by Amnesty International and InCompassInternational Athens

Production :PETRA



UNDERGROUND Gallery , Korai Square 4, 10 564Athens(Entrancefrom the ASTY cinema theater)

Access Metro station Panepistimio

Performances Opening30October2015,in Greek

Days and Hours of Performances :Fridays&Sundaysat21.00.Saturdays at24.00. The time schedule will be strictly observed in view of the particularity of the venue


Full price: 12€

Reduced: 8€

Discounts forunemployed, actors and students of Drama: 5€

Running time 80minutes(no intermission)

Useful links www facebook com events /141548069533451 www facebook com Metaxotes Gynaikes

Contact : Yorgos Katsonis: Tel.: +30697465 1213

About the «PETRA»association:

As its title eloquently gives away, the PETRA (Stone) association is a compact unbreakable core of 30people,all coming from different professional backgrounds,with social action and a common goal. With Kostas Arzoglou as president, the members of the association are persistent in their quest of the challenging and the unreachable. They believe in the power of art and in its intrinsic link to the art of life; because art is indispensable if we are to reach a more profound understanding of the world. your text here.
PETRA Association and Vana Pefani are proud to present the Premiere of Satin Women , a theatre performance focussing on the exploitation, abuse,social perceptions and consequences of trafficked women. Supported Amnesty International , The National Centre for Social Solidarity E.K.K.A. ), Ministry of Labour and InCompass International Athens

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