InCompass International 
Consultancy Services Ltd.
specialists in delivering justice & home affairs policy, 
strategy & technical assistance to governments, EU & UN agencies
Pool of JHA /SSR Experts

InCompass International maintains the largest and most up-to-date sector-specific consultant database in EU and elsewhere.

InCompass International provides the following specific human resource services to government departments, international donors, partner consultancies and security companies, as well as other commercial partners, through identifying, vetting and supplying specialist Justice and Home Affairs / Security Sector Reform teams, selected from our database of over 4,000 sector Experts.  This can also involve the provision of specialist teams for rapid deployment to conflict, post-conflict and transition countries, for stabilisation and/or programme identification and implementation tasks.

InCompass International is able to provide , through our in-house expertise and database of over 4,000 Police and Justice sector Associates, Consultants and law-enforcement organisation contacts across the Balkan region, EasternEurope, MENA and other ENPI countries, Asia, Africa and Latin-America, the following assistance:

  • Provision of Expertise in MoI and police reforms, in establishing more operational national and regional level police co-operation and Experts in building curricula and best practices with regards Community Policing;

  • Provide expertise in Justice and Home Affairs Stakeholder and Donor Co-ordination, leading to well informed identification of further project Activities throughout the Programme implementation period;

  • Provision of Experts in Public Administration Reform (PAR), Performance Management, designing training curriculu and operational trainings for public-order policing,  -

  • Expertise in countering all forms of serious and international organised crimes including anti-trafficking, counter-terrorism, anti-money laundering and other financial crimes (through work done with Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs));

  • Provision of Experts in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of JHA programmes and projects;

  • Provision of Security Sector Reform Gender mainstreaming Experts, especially female police liaison officers and Experts in Juvenile Policing;

  • Provide the programme with InCompass International’s concept papers and experts on: ‘Implementing Mechanisms for Civilian/Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Services’ and; Establishing a Generic and Tailored Witness-Protection Programme.’

  • Provision of Regional level contacts from former MoI, State Police Services, Ministry of Justice and Prosecution Service personnel and expertise, as well as present and former contacts at EU Police and Justice missions across the Western Balkans;

  • Establishment of specific and tailored trainings, Workshops and seminars, in co-ordination with regional partners such as the SECI Centre, US ICITAP Programme, INTERPOL NCBs and OIPC Lyon, OSCE and other regional police co-operation Actors;

  • Assisting planned and on-going JHA programmes, MoIs, MoJs, MFAs, judicial and State Police services in applying for other EU and EC TAIEX Unit support for specific trainings where required, throughout the Programme implementation and to compliment the on-going work of the Programme.

We therefore co-operate and co-ordinate with the following partners and/or clients:

European Union Directorates and Agencies and EU Member State Foreign Offices and Development Agencies.  UNGM, UNDP and UNODC

• Ministries of Interior (Home Office)               • Ministries of Justice                                  Police                                                          
 • Serious Fraud Office (incl. EC OLAF)         • Interpol NCBs                                          • Europol
• CEPOL                                                          • Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs)

• Ministries of Justice                                       • Law offices                                              • Courts
• Prison Service                                                • Probation Service                                   • Public/Crown Prosecution services

• Ministries of Foreign Affairs

• Ministries of Defence
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