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SSR Event Management & Security Training

Event Management:
InCompass International co-operates with the following Government Ministries and Departments (Justice, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Industry and Trade), Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) and Development Agencies, as well as UN Agencies, think-tanks and universities, to provide tailored trainings, workshops, seminars, working conferences with round tables and lecturing on:
  • Enhancing intelligence and investigation means of Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs)
  • How to draft and implement a Concrete Anti-Corruption Strategy
  • Effective Transitional Justice Programmes;
  • How to Run an Effective Witness-Protection Programme;
  • Implementing Effective Civilian/Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Services;
  • Civil-military co-operation in Post-Conflict Theatres;
  • Post-Conflict Stabilisation and Re-construction Initiatives;
  • Identifying, Designing and Implementing Effective SSR Programmes;
  • Implementing Effective Integrated Border-Management (IBM) Operations;
  • Establishing Private-Public Partnership (PPP) Strategies;
  • Human Rights and Gender Perspectives for Post-Conflict Operations;
  • International Security Policy Reviews;
  • Establishing and Running Effective Crisis Management Centres and Stabilisation Units.

Security training:
The training was targeted towards and beneficial to:

  • Embassy staff;
  • University staff and students of politics, economics or security;
  • Government Ministry personnel (MoDs, MoIs, MoJs, MFAs, Development Agencies);
  • SSR Consultants;
  • Police officers, military personnel, Judges and prosecutors on secondment to International Development Agency missions;
  • International Organisations;
  • Company executives who travel to countries where there is a high risk of conflict, corruption and/or street crime;
  • Think-Tanks / NGOs
Safer Overseas Diplomatic & Business Travel:
Political, security and integrity risks have an impact on travel arrangements,international development, donor, diplomatic and business operations. InCompass International offers tailored and interactive security awareness trainings to suit our clients’ particular requirements, ultimately targeted at improving the safety, management and effective implementation of activities in-country, through our Safer Overseas Diplomatic & Business Travel trainings.
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