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International Principles for Whistleblower Legislation

• Best Practices for Laws to Protect
• Whistleblowers and Support
 •Whistleblowing in the Public Interest Preamble

Whistleblowers play an essential role in exposing c
orruption, fraud, mismanagement and other wrongdoing that threaten public health and safety, financial integrity, human rights, the environment and the rule of law. By disclosing information about such misdeeds, whistleblowers have helped save countless lives and billions of dollars in public funds, while preventing emerging scandals and disasters fr om worsening. Whistleblowers often take on high personal risk. They may be fired, sued, blacklisted, arrested, threatened or, in extreme cases, assaulted or killed. Protecting whistleblowers from such retaliation will promote and ease the efficient exposing of corruption, while also enhancing openness and accountability in government and corporate work places. The right of citizens to report wrongdoing is a natural extension of the right of freedom of expression, and is linked to the principles of transparency and integrity. All people have the inherent right to protect the well-being of other citizens and society at large, and in some cases they have the duty to report wrongdoing. The absence of effective protection can therefore pose a dilemma for whistle blowers: they are often expected to report corruption and other crime s, but doing so can expose them to retaliation.

Recognising the role of whistleblowing in corruption-fighting efforts, many countries have pledged to enact whistle blower protection laws through international conventions. And, ever more governments,corporations and non-profit organisations around the world are putting whistleblower procedures in place. It is essential, however, that these policies provide accessible disclosure channels for whistleblowers, meaningfully protect whistleblowers from all forms of retaliation, and ensure that the information they disclose can be used to advance needed reforms.

To help ensure that whistleblowers are afforded proper protection and disclosure opportunities, the principles presented here serve as guidance for formulating new and improving existing whistleblower legislation. They should be adapted to an individual country’s political, social and cultural contexts, and to its existing legal frameworks. They take into account lessons learned from existing laws and their implementation in practice, and have been shaped by input from whistleblower experts, government officials, academia, research institutes and NGOs from all regions. These principles will be updated and refined as experiences with legislation and practices continue to unfold.

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Parliamentary & civilian oversight mechanisms

Without the presence of effective civilian and democratic oversight of the political process, of politicians, of Cabinet ministers, local government and of political/private-sector relations, a valid democracy does not exist. Where the political will to adopt these measures is not apparent, all sectors are affected and individual rights and livelihoods damaged. International donors therefore need to add this conditionality to their development assistance policy and eventually to their contracts, regardless of the sectorsthey choose to support.

InCompass provides the following bespoke technical assistance oversight services and projects, led by our Senior Associates in UK, Canada and Greece:

1. Establishmentof Parliamentary Oversight Committees ‘with teeth’;
2. Judicialsystem oversight;
3. Fullsecurity sector oversight;
4. Intelligencesector oversight;
5. Electionsystem oversight;
6. Financialservices/banking oversight;
7. Mediaoversight;
8. Energysector oversight;
9. Miningsector oversight.

Bespoke anti-corruptions solutions,strategies & tailored initiatives 

InCompass International works with its partner ManchesterCF, which is headquartered in Canada, to provide support to Financial Intelligence Units (FIU's).  For more information about the Financial Intelligence Unit Advisory Services, click here or visit the ManchesterCF website.  For information about Financial Intelligence Unit Technical Services (FIUTS)  - Advisors, click here.
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Please refer to the company presentation.
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