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Safer Overseas Business and Diplomatic Travel (SODBT)


Personal and Team Security Awareness Training for Travel and Better Management Challenging Environments (developing countries and / or countries emerging from conflict)

Date: 10:00 to 19:00, Tuesday 18 December 2018

Location: Omikron Meeting Room, The Athenaeum InterContinentaHotel, Athens (sponsor)

Places available: Maximum participants 45

Event sponsorship: if you are interested in sponsoship visibility or speaking, opportunities are avaliable for Athens-based embassies, government agencies, companies or foundations.

For the outline partnership/sponsorship brochure, contact Anna Babkina at

Building on previous trainings carried-out for,and in co-ordination with, the European Commission, DG ECHO, Helsinki España, UNDP and other Agencies, InCompass International Athens is pleased to invite you to the first training of its kind in Greece which is targeted at participants from both the public and private sectors who travel to, or work in missions in challenging environments where there may be:

A high risk of crime, 
Public-order issues, 
Security breaches, 
Environmental and other risks; 
Focus on cultural, social and gender considerations.

It should be noted that nearly all of the best-practises discussed in this training are valid also for everyday life in a European or other developed city.

The training is practical and fully participatory, focusing on risk- avoidance and providing a preparation/pre-condition for deployment to low, middle or high-risk missions, in accordance with the principal’s duty-of-care and corporate and social responsibility.Although these one-day trainings are intensive and in part occasionally quite emotionally challenging, they are considered valuable, with lively discussions provoked and experiences from both trainers and participants shared in good confidence and under Chatham House rules.*

Target Audience / Why attend?

Our training constitutes a practical learning approach, as well as a high-profile networking opportunity for participants from a range of backgrounds and sectors.It is designed and structured to be beneficial for Athens-based government,parliamentary and ministry officials, diplomatic training academy, Asylum Service, foreign embassy diplomats, EU and international organisation staff and consultants, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), law-enforcement practitioners (liaison officers) and mid-senior level professionals/executives of Greek and foreign companies (multi-national companies, banks, consultancies, law-firms)and media outlets, who would like to gain more understanding and insight into the challenges of operating more safely and therefore more effectively, in their home country and abroad. This training can also constitute a ‘refresher’ course for those who have taken HEAT-related trainings.

Think-tanks, university lecturers, students of law, criminology, business, international relations, political science, security and development studies are also encouraged to participate.

A certificate of participation will be awarded following attendance and end of day practical and verbal tests.

N.B.: Participating organisations can request follow-on courses tailored to their specific requirements.

Description of Training and Content

Our training is separated into three distinct stages:

1. Pre-travel planning considerations

2.Travelling destination (including accommodation safety) ; and

3.Operational considerations for working in- country

The content covers the mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues into your work, such as more effective overall management of projects through improved trip assessments and planning, including improved awareness and adherence to:

Security, health and safety considerations; 
Behavioural issues including ethics and sensitivity to gender and cultural differences; 
Accountability and effectiveness; 
Improved soft skills and tools such as negotiation and effective stakeholder or client co-ordination.

Specific risks covered include

Avoidance of travel risks; 
Management of medical risks; 
Behavioural risks; 
Bad/dangerous-management practices; 
Document security; 
ICT, administrative and communications security; 
ID protection/document fraud; 
Corruption and bribery; 
Street crime and counter-surveillance (body-language); 
Accommodation risks (office and hotels); 
Health and safety; 
Road traffic accidents (avoidance); 
Post-traumatic stress.

Benefits / Results. 

Participants will:

Improve their ability to assess overall travel and operational risks and improve confidence and professional effectiveness when working in diverse environments; 
Improve knowledge, organisational means and essentials of personal, residential (hotels and offices) and team security awareness in identifying, avoiding and dealing with crime, robbery, corruption, accidents and other threats; 
Develop better personal and team-management skills and standard operating procedures (SOPs); 
Improve ICT security, internal and external communications; 
Improve screening/interview techniques through body language examples (especially relevant for Asylum Service, police and immigration officers); 
Improve cultural and gender awareness; improve stress-management methods.


The training will be in English and is pointedly participatory. Modules will be delivered by experienced civilian, military and law-enforcement trainers in personal security awareness, benefitting from significant operational experience and whom will use personal and operational examples and provoke discussion video practical exercises (notably for the body-language and emergency first-aid modules); case-studies; role-plays/simulation ;and technical presentations for specific topics such as IT/ICT security and ID security and fraud.

How to apply : All individuals interested in attending the training are requested to register by sending a request, with their CV, to: . Please call for any other details: +30 211113 9156.

Discounted Fee : €165 (€95 for bookings made before 11 December).Call us for further discounts for government, international organisations and NGOs. Students and Interns. can participate for free, depending on available places.

*Chatham House rules

A rule or principle according to which information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present,but the source of that information must not be explicitly or implicitly identified. I.e. ‘the conference was held under the Chatham House Rule’.

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