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Senior Associates
Bruce Todd, Managing Director

Bruce is a senior Consultant in Justice and Home Affairs policy, strategy and programming. Bruce has worked with national and international judicial and law-enforcement Agencies across EU, the Balkans, Middle-East and elsewhere, on both national and regional-level co-operation programmes. Bruce lectures at Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior, as well as Defence colleges, UNDP, think-tanks and Universities on a range of JHA/SSR subjects focussed on post-conflict stabilisation, transitional justice and identification of concrete development programmes such as national anti-corruption strategies. Bruce is responsible for the overall leadership, management and strategic approach at InCompass.
Jack Coory, Project Manager, trainings and seminars, Spain and North-Africa

Jack Coory is the InCompass representative in Spain and is also responsible for trainings (including security awareness trainings), seminars and lecturing. Jack has worked for an NGO in Ghana on Developement sector issues, as well as at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Belgium, where he focused on improving foreign investment. Following that, he was an Associate Director for Recruitment and Admissions at the IE European Business School in Madrid. Educated in Belgium, Jack earned his BA Honours Degree in International Relations from the University of Birmingham.
Meia Nouwens, Project Manager, Justice & Home Affairs, Balkans, Mena & Asia Pacific
Meia Nouwens is Project Manager in Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) projects, specialised in Balkan, MENA and Asia Pacific security and justice policy and programmes. Previous experience includes SSR/JHA assignments for and in the Balkans, Jordan and Iran for the European Commission and Netherlands Foreign Ministry. She has worked in research and advisory capacities for the UN, APEC, European Ministries of Foreign Affairs, US State Department, international organisations and international relations oriented think-tanks. Her particular focus is on politico-economic intersections of security and post-conflict development. She recently researched post-Arab Spring MENA security developments, illicit activity, insurgency, humanitarian coordination, and political economy for UN agencies
Elias Boubouris, InCompass police co-operation & reforms, Western Balkans
Mr. Boubouris is a former Brigadier General of the Greek Police. He has worked with regional and international police co-operation bodies such as Interpol, CEPOL, Europol and is a regular EU Twinning Advisor on law-enforcement matters. Elias is a project manager responsible for growing business in the Balkans, with regards to law-enforcement, anti-organised crime and anti-corruption initiatives.
Joe Paenessa, InCompass tailored witness-protection programmes
Joe Paonessa is a retired U.S. Marshall’s Department police officer; recognised internationally as one of the few Experts in this field, able to implement programmes covering the full spectrum of witness-protection criteria, from administrative, including court security, to operational, to social services involvement and considerations for victims of trafficking.
Marion Bialek, InCompass oversight programmes
Marion Bialek is a retired senior manager of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) with 28 years experience in security management and investigations. CSIS is the lead federal government agency responsible for public safety and security in Canada. Mr. Bialek has over 15 years experience working with international security organizations. He supports governments, universities, and private sector enterprises through the provision of timely, relevant assessments relating to public safety and security, oversight and immigrant screening. In the area of corporate security, Mr. Bialek provides expert advice in the areas of protection and management of personnel, information systems and corporate assets. Marion runs the Civilian / Parliamentary Oversight Programmes of InCompass International.
Dr. Holger Frommert ICT masterplan solutions JHA 
Holger Frommert is responsible for developing InCompass tailored ICT solutions for criminal justice reforms. A senior ICT consultant specialised in the security and justice sectors, Dr. Frommert has more than twenty years experience in the military, police, migration and border-guard service (biometric control systems), customs, prosecution and judiciary (including penitentiary) ICT systems in Latin-America, the Balkans, Eastern-Europe and Middle-East. He is expert in managing donor projects related to restructuring and establishing governmental administration, with a strong background based on workflow studies oriented towards progressive ICT solutions.
Peter Jones, InCompass police-reform projects
Peter Jones, a Senior police officer (rank Brigadier General) from the UK Police, worked for three years at the EU Police Assistance Mission of the EU to Albania (PAMECA) and was responsible for reforming the police administration, improving cost-effectiveness and writing the Law on Police. He has also developed, implemented and carried out assessments of Police and Judicial Reform Projects on behalf of EC and UK Government in Kosovo, Montenegro, Jamaica, Mexico, Uzbekistan and Sudan.
Dr. John Markey law-Enforcement co-operation programmes 
Dr. Markey is an accomplished, much published, homeland security and defence leader with 35 years experience with U.S. Treasury, State and Homeland Security Departments. An internationally recognised expert in the areas of rule-of-law, trade, transport and economic stabilisation, he has led complex domestic and international information sharing efforts in the context of trade facilitation, customs and border-management, information fusion, WMD and transnational organised crime including trafficking. Notably, Dr. Markey has co-ordinated the development and implementation of a number of regional domestic efforts to include the SECI Centre, Bucharest and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).
Gildas Vuillefroy deSilly , ICT ProjectSolutions, Interpol, Police Agencies
Mr Vuillefroyde Silly is a recently retired Project Manager, with 37 years experience of ICTand I-24/7 information exchange systems, of the International Criminal Police Organisation,INTERPOL. During his career at INTERPOL, he worked as Project manager jointly with the European Commission in Brussels, for CARDS and TACIS projects, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to set-up remote access to national and INTERPOL’s databases (mainly from border crossing points) and to modernise the Information and technology infrastructures of INTERPOL National Central Bureaux, as well as law-enforcement agencies in several countries located in Central Asia, Africa, Balkans and South American countries. Mr. Vuillefroy de Silly is also expert in managing donor projects adopting the best practices of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
Joyanna Pelivani, Project Manager, Justice and Home Affairs

Joyanna Pelivani is Project Manager for Justice and Home Affairs projects and for the development of InCompass own JHA programmes in Greece and the Balkans. Joyanna has previous practical experience in management and organisation analysis and has participated in the Oriental Studies Centre for Communication and Culture as an assistant investigator tasked with research, writing of articles and translations. Joyanna graduated in International and European Studies at Panteion University of Athens, following international law, european governance, and international relations with a particular focus on humanitarian crises within the perspective of international law. Joyanna is fluent in Greek, Albanian, and English, with intermediate French.
Ioli Taktikou, Project Manager

Ioli Taktikou is Project Manager at InCompass for Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) projects with UNDP and EU Agencies. Ioli is also responsible for security sector research, organising security trainings, seminars and conferences. Ioli has previous experience in conducting research on European policies and directives, as well as on issues related to conflict and migration crisis, whilst researcher for theStrategic Communication and News Media Laboratory of the University of Piraeus. Ioli obtained her BA degree in International and European Studies from the University of Piraeus and a MSc in Crisis and Security Management from the University of Leiden with a particular focus on European policies and counter-terrorism measures. She is fluent in Greek, English and French and she is currently learning Arabic and Spanish.
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